This week we have been learning a handy trick to use on all types of hair. The invisible layer!!!

Our stylist Becci attended a L’Oréal professional course on cutting and colouring lead by Adam Reed from Percy & Reed salons. It was here that she was taught the Invisible layers  technique and brought it back to the salon to teach the rest of us.

We use it on thick hair to thin and smooth the hair cuticle. It also helps to get rid of split ends that are in the mid lengths of the hair without cutting a definite line as you would with a normal layer. If a client wants body in there hair but no layers then they can be used to create texture without being seen when worn straight but can appear to give the hair fullness when tousled or curled etc. They can also be used to create texture in fine/flat hair even if the client doesn’t like the idea of regular layers.

We have been teaching Jamie this week on his model who has thick hair, any models are welcome to help with his training. Please contact us if you are interested.