Our New Milkshake toners by Loreal have been the excitement of the salon this week.

Whether it is a pearl, iced, golden or even a mixture that you fancy to lift your blonde hair and give it that boost of colour that we all want. Create shine with these moisturising toners to give you shiny, soft blonde locks that look natural but with an edge.

Colour takes to the hair within 20 minutes and can be put on at the basin on damp hair. Why not give it a go and add on a blow dry afterward to give you that salon happy hair feel. Then we can show off your new and improved colour.

Our clients hair was always looking too golden blonde which she did not like, we were using an all over colour previously to try and achieve the most ash blonde we could get, but her day to day life was lifting the colour so we highlighted the whole head, to lighten the colour then afterwards put the 10.22 milkshake toner over the whole head  at the basin after the highlights were washed out which then gave it a pearly tone and cooled the golden down but also grabbed more to the highlighted areas and less to darker areas to achieve this look of the multiple tones in the hair. It now lasts a lot longer and the colour stays a cool blonde.


Hair coloured by Julie

Hair Styled by Brucemarinas hair